Zoom in canvas with Z and Alt + Z


I’d like to zoom like Figma or Sketch using Z + click to zoom-in and Alt + Z + Click to zoom-out.
Principle - Documentation.

But having a “AZERTY” keyboard in France, I have to use “W” to zoom-in or zoom-out. Is there a way to change it?

What does most software do for azerty keyboards?
A) keep the letter mapping, but different physical key from qwerty?
B) different letter, same physical key?

some keyboard shortcuts are chosen for their location on the keyboard (cmd+z, for example), so I guess I’m wondering if it makes sense to keep the letter mapping but change location on azerty keyboards

Hello Daniel,

Reponse A, we have the same letter mapping but different physical key.

For example, in Sketch or Figma, I press “Z” to zoom out, even if my “Z” key is at the same position of “W” on qwerty keyboards.

PS: Thank you for this awesome software, I couldn’t live without it!

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