Would you recommend to updated my license?

I bought my Principle in 2017. Would you recommend to update the license or there were not any significant updates?

Everyone can actually use the latest version of principle, and it will have the features disabled that were released after your license expired — So you can see what’s new. Get the latest principle here

That said, We’ve released a lot of big features since 2017:

  • Share To Web
  • export audio in recordings
  • export to HTML
  • support for importing from the latest sketch version
  • dark mode
  • figma import
  • control video with drivers
  • export to apple prores
  • improved gif export
  • preview animations in slow motion
  • scrub animations with the mouse
  • highlight interactive areas in the preview window
  • custom curve presets
  • lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

For an always updated list of changes, check out the change log

Definitively, 2017 is long gone and much has evolved since then.

Still would love to see a way to have a component library we can reuse similar to Figma and maybe some handover to developers for animations and stuff but other than that I think Principle has everything I need to make really fast compelling prototypes.

Oh and the component thing, there’s a workaround for it, not ideal but it kinda helps keeping a component library that is reusable.

Get it!

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