Working with messages


From what I’ve seen, there is not a ton of information out there on how to work with messages, and what you can do with them. I thought I’d share this prototype - it’s very clearly not a high fidelity UI comp, but I tried to include as many use cases for how I make messaging work for me. It’s not all encompassing, but I would encourage anyone who is curious about messages to download it and pick through it.

One interesting thing to note is how hover states work on the mirror app vs the desktop previewer. I have some controls to paginate some cards activate on hover. But since there are no hover states on a phone (and the mirror app), I included a switch for force them on when viewing in the app. I told the switch to disappear when hovering on or off it, so it is not visible in the desktop preview. But since no hovering takes place in the mirror app, it does’t get told to turn off, and will always be in view. Kind of a neat trick.

Hit me up for any questions that you might have.



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This is a nice gathering of uses, it’d be nice if you can add a screen recording too on how you connected them as I think that’s the bit that confuses the most to people.

Shame the most powerful feature of Principle is not well explained on their site tutorials, I hope they add them soon.



I agree that it’s a huge bummer there’s not more documentation of messages. Really was a game changer when I discovered them, and started digging into how to use them. I’ll try to get s screen recording with audio up one of these days. This one at least gives a taste into what can be done with messages, even if it’s not super clear on how to get there.

I’m always open to requests for how to make messages dance :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing this. Ditto on a screen recording discussing what is actually happening and how to make messages talk to components either in the same artboard or different artboards.



@wtrsld @shonen I’ll try to get a tutorial/walk through up soon :smiley: