What tutorials would you like to be made for Principle?

What are some areas of Principle that you’d like a tutorial for?

Experts, is there something you make that always impresses people? This forum category would be a good place to post about it, or you could pick up a response from here as a starting point for a guide.

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I’d love to see one about how to create instances of the same component while changing some editable value, such as buttons that have different text but all the other effects and states are the same, so if you need to edit one, that change would spread across all other instances.

I have my own approach to this and I’ve managed to do it, since Principle can’t offer an easy solution for this, similar to what Sketch does with the symbol overrides, or at least not that I know that is possible at the moment without a bit of a hassle, unless that has been added recently and I may have missed it.


Need this so bad. Every time I think I have a solution I come across some minor issue where it takes me 20 minutes to find a way out of the web of Artboards, components, and message events that I’ve created. I think the 5.6 update might be getting close to a solution but I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the event routing.

  1. Would love to see one on event routing. Especially with regards to having many different components interact with each other. I end up pretty deep down a rabbit hole when I mess around with these.

  2. Swipe gestures. The feature doesn’t seem to be supported. You can fake it in some cases with a scroll begin/release/end etc. But this doesn’t allow for much flexibility in terms of it being bi-directional.

Sometimes you can use the drivers. But I recently ran into an issue where I couldn’t use the driver because it was driving components (that contained many videos). A swipe seemed to be better suited in this case since you cannot control the volume within a component on a driver. So even when it was off screen you could hear it playing. (Perhaps could have been solved by something in #1) So a tutorial on how to replicate this native and very common iOS gesture within Principle would be great!


Yes, definitely using components, messages and event routing the way they were intended. I play around with it and sometimes achieve the result I want, sometimes not. Trial and error basically.


Messages and the ways they can be used. Being able to send messages to different components in the same artboard and to their parent seems powerful, but it adds a complexity to the building of a prototype that makes it more difficult to understand.


+1 on Message events.