Web preview interactions don't work the same as in-app preview

Principle Version: 6.5
macOS Version: 10.14.6
Sketch Version: N/A, using Figma

I’ve developed a component to simulate a long-press button with a .6s fill-in animation. I’ve accomplished this by having 3 artboards- the first board links to the second board on touchdown, the second links back to the first on touchup, and artboard 2 links to the final state on artboard 3 via long touch. This way, you can touchdown, the animation starts, and by the time it’s complete, the long press on board 2 has completed, and the component lands on artboard 3, the resting filled-in state.

This all works great in the preview window inside Principle (and device mirroring), but the web export isn’t capturing the long press event, just the touch down and touch up.

Just tested long press and it works in the file I created, so I suspect you’re hitting an issue specific to how your file is set up. If you could email a simplified .prd that has long press issues when shared to the web, I’ll get to work on a fix immediately. please email it to support@principleformac.com