Video synchonisation

Hello Prototypers,
While exploring and testing the video properties and animations, I started by creating and exporting a video with 5 animated transitions, from number 1 to number 5, with fading in/out opacity on the text, and a change of background color, and in this video my transitions time from a number to another is set to exactly 1 second duration.

I then created a layout with a long text divided in 5 paragraphs, numbered 1 to 5, set as anchors in my layout and which are triggered through two Back and Next buttons.
I imported my video in the layout and would like, for every triggered anchor, to display the corresponding transitions animations from the video.

I then created artboards’ animations as transitions from one anchor to another. But despite using also there a one second animation for each transition, my prototype doesn’t display the numbers animations present in my imported video, rather does it “jump” straight to the portions of the video I have chosen in the Media panel for each of my destination artboard, but without showing the animation on the opacity contained in the video. I made sure that my artboards transitions are also set to one second, in order to have time to display the full transitions from number to number present in my video.

My question is: is there any way to synchronize effectively the animated content of the video with the interactions in my layout through the Back and Next buttons using artboards transitions and not Drivers?
Thank you all in advance.