V6.22: Poor rendering quality in Preview

  1. macOS Version: Monterey 12.6

  2. Principle Version: 6.22 (latest)

  3. Description of what you need help with: Fonts with a fill of about 50% gray and a drop shadow appear to have a pixelated white outline in the preview window, but look fine in the editor.

PNG assets with transprency also have visible white edges if the background of the artboard is set to gray. This is hard to repro, but the edges of images show up when dragged to certain locations. You can see the issue most easily if you resize the preview window.

  1. Steps to reproduce the behavior:
    Create a new file. Add text. Set font color to #777777. Add any type of drop shadow to the text.

  2. Screenshots:

@leelor Hi, could you post a link to the .prd file you show in that screenshot so I can look into this? Or create a .prd like it with issue?

Also, what mac are you on? What type of video card does it have?

I’m on a Macbook Pro, 2019. Graphics card is AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB.

I tried to upload the example prd, but the site won’t let me do this since I am a new member. My Principle license didn’t let me share links yesterday.

I didn’t realize I needed to renew for this, so I just went ahead and renewed. Here’s the link to the example prd. Principle

Text color has been fixed in 6.23. I’m still looking into the edges of images issue. It might help if you could post the .prd file (rather than sharing to web, which isn’t the original .prd file)

Here’s a dropbox link to the prd.

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BTW thanks so much for your help. I’ve been using Principle for years and I’m a huge fan - I hate designing with anything else.

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@leelor updating to 6.24 should fix the graphics issues you were seeing.

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