URL Schema for Principle

I work at Airbnb and we are working closely with Campsite to add prototyping sharing capabilities. The goal is to drag in prototype files along with Video walkthroughs of a prototype. Once uploaded, a URL and QR code is generated. Any user can scan the QR code, launch the correct app for previewing and immediately begin playing with the prototype. We already have this working for Origami prototypes and we can launch Origami Live by using the URL schema (origami-public://). Clicking the URL from your desktop would also download the prototype and immediately launch Origami Studio.

We would like Principle to work the same way. This would require adding a URL schema to the Principle Mirror and Principle Desktop app so we can launch those apps without any handoff friction and immediately allow a user to play with a prototype.

This could also be used in the Principle Desktop app to make handing prototypes to the Principle Mirror app easier and wireless just by airdropping a prototype to a nearby device using the native MacOS share sheet.

Have you tried Share to Web? You’ll get a link that will run the prototype in mobile and desktop browsers without the need to install anything. You can even save the page to your phone’s home screen to view it fullscreen.

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