Updating z-index


How do I set-up/update the z-index of a layer? What i’m trying to achieve is when a user hovers over a layer, the scale increases and it floats over the other layers.

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I also have the same question. Is this possible?

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go to another artboard where the hovered layer is on top.

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Thanks Daniel. I did try that and it works like a charm for a simpler layout. When I have a layout like the attached image, I’d assume the z-index would be easier to work with. On hover, every layer should rise up above the others



I guess you need to create a “component”, so the resting and expanded one is only one element repeated X times in Y rows, but don’t know if the transition will be smooth between adjacent ones.

I’d go with showing only a couple working ones.

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Make a single interactive component and repeat it as many times as you need on your layout, it should work fine.