UI Animations Code handoff for Developers

Hi does anyone know of a way to export the animations into snippets of code or a plugin similar to lottie (for After Effects) that can be used with principal? I’m currently working on micro interactions for an app and would like to handoff the animations/specs/code to our developers however i’m not seeing a way to do so on Principle…

Hi Hasan, I appreciate you work for GoodCore Software, but coming here to promote your company without offering help to other users is not what this place is meant for, rest assured I’ll flag this post and leave it in hands of the moderator.

I was going to ask the same question. Principle is great for producing highly refined interactions, but if development can’t tap into any code output, they will not be built to spec.

The thing I have found to be the easier and more straightforward way to do so is to share the Principle files with the developers and show them how can they check themselves the transitions.

Unfortunately this would require to have extra licenses as the trial is limited to a certain number of days.

It’d be cool to have a ‘developer view’ that could be free, maybe it would allow you to open a file in read only mode and not be allowed to make any changes, but you could select and interact with timelines and objects.

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