Two drivers affecting one another

Hello Daniel, everyone,

I’m exploring the possibility of having two different drivers interact with each other. In my design, there’s a horizontal image carousel and a horizontal scrubbing bar comprised of thumbnails, each corresponding to an image in the carousel. Currently, I’ve succeeded in synchronizing the movement of the image carousel with the scrubbing bar’s horizontal movement. Now, I aim to achieve the reverse as well: having the scrubbing bar move horizontally in response to the image carousel’s movement.

Here’s a sketch showing the layout:

As I understand it, you want dragging the pictures at the top to move the pictures at the bottom and you also want dragging the pictures at the bottom to move the pictures at the top.

A driven property can not also be a driving property, so to do this you will need to have one artboard that is the “dragging top images” artboard, and one artboard that is the “dragging thumbnails” artboard. You can set the drivers up to work correctly for the individual artboard’s situations, and then you switch between artboards with drag/scroll begin events.

To a user of the prototype it will look like the carousel and the thumbnails are controlling each other, but behind the scenes you’ll be switching which one drives the other.