Tutoring in Principle for Mac

Have you searched the Docs and Knowledge base?
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Description of what you need help with: hello I am a 10+ yr UX designer and looking to get some 1:1 rapid ramp up tutor time with some experts from this community. I’m about to embark on a large project for a stage event and I need to b very confident in working in Principle. I’m looking at paying for 1:1 tutorial time for individuals to take beginners - basics to intermediate principle classes over the coming weeks. I have a budget and would love to block book some sessions to cover some 1:1 class online. I have a ton of questions and need to have some tutor time as it’s the best way I work. I’ve watched tireless amounts of online videos and none really have helped me embrace the power of Principle for Mac.
I’ m keen to work with individuals from this group here so please PM me as I’m feeling very very lost currently and I want to love Principle…

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@DC101, I’m unable to DM you here but I’d be happy to do some 1:1 assistance over video. Feel free to DM me on twitter, my DMs are open! @westinlohne https://twitter.com/westinlohne