Transition effects


I’m really new to Principle, trying get to know how the app works.

I have a question regarding transition effects (slide up, slide down, push left, push right .etc.) between artboards - within my prototype I need to tap a button and a module slides up from the bottom, then when I close the module it slides back down. The module is on a separate artboard and I will also need to create scrollable content within the module/artboard.

I can do this very easily within InVision but wondering how I achieve this is Principle?

Any help is much appreciated


For any layers you want to animate, they need to exist on both the source and destination artboard of a transition arrow. after you copy/paste the layers that don’t existing on both, you can move them offscreen in order to make them slide in/push up/whatever

Hi Daniel, thanks very much for your reply, really appreciate your help. I am absolutely loving Principle, just trying to get my head around it all.

An absolutely awesome feature would be to easily and quickly choose to have the automated animation (the current way it works) but also to do a manual override and choose from a list of artboard transition effects, which only apply to the whole art-board and not to individual layers, with a dropdown list of effect options, such as; Slide up, Slide down, Slide left, Slide right, Dissolve, Fade in .etc.

I’ve seen that a lot of users would like this type of feature. I honestly think this type of functionality would be so valuable to users, it would make Principle complete