Touch Ends not working?

Touch Ends does not fire if I came to the current artboard via Auto event.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create 3 artboards with one layer named Layer
  2. In each artboard give Layer a progressively smaller scale. ie: in Artboard 1 Layer has scale = 1, in Artboard 2 Layer has scale 0.9, in Artboard 3 Layer has scale 0.5
  3. In Artboard 1: Touch Begins on Layer goes to Artboard 2
  4. In Artboard 2: Touch Ends on Layer goes to Artboard 1 + Auto transition to Artboard 3
  5. In Artboard 3: Touch Ends on Layer goes to Artboard 1 this is the one that does not work

Principle Version: 5.9
macOS Version: 10.14.4
Sketch Version: na

Click here to see screen recording
And here is the Principle file