Text is misaligned in preview

I’m on the latest Principle and text is not aligned in previews.

Could you please paste that one artboard into a new .prd file and post it here? Once we have a copy we’ll get to work on a fix right away.

Also, ensure you’re actually on the latest version (6.31)

I experienced the same problem.

Could you share a prd with the issue? As soon as someone sends us a file with the problem we will fix it

@rternynck @brettred Could you please send a prd file so that we can fix this? We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on our end.

Hi Daniel,

I think that the issue is with the preview refresh when set to side by side. I typed text and it appeared in a different location (offset to the right). The text refreshed as soon as I selected the preview window.
I therefore don’t have a specific project to share since the bug resolved itself - at least in my case.
I’ll make sure to document the steps if it occurs again.


Reproduction steps would be very helpful. A screen recording would help too, if thats easier to “catch” the bug with.

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