TAP and HOVER doesn't work together

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  1. Here’s a button, that I want it to be animated in a 2 different ways:
  • HOVER INSIDE - > button changes the color
    (-HOVER OUTSIDE - action back
  • TAP (need to be pressed) - > button changes the color to another one
  1. HOVER is working, but TAPing doesn’t work completely.
    3.Could anybody give me an advice?

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Did you set up a trigger from the hover state using a tap action?

No, I set up the tap action on the ordinary button’s state. But before Tap action I have applied 2 actions: hover In and Hover out, so in this case I supposed that I should apply the tap action on the standard (none) state.

Yeah, just add another trigger (TAP) on the hover screen, to the desired screen state.

Something like this