Start a component animation from parent page swipe

I am LOVING Principle. I have one question about component animations and page swiping.

I’m working on some mobile app on-boarding education. Each page has a little animation that I’d like to start when that page swipes in.

In the below example I have to swipe over really fast to catch the animation because it starts as soon as the prototype loads.

Is there a way to delay starting the animation on a particular page until it swipes in?

If you click in the arrow of one of the transitions from one screen to another, you will see the timeline in the bottom, just take all the properties that are related to the animation you want to delay and move them to the right the desired time by selecting all the keyframes.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Shonen. Yeah, if it’s not possible to start an animation in a component until it’s parent page is visible, then this solution is probably the best.