Sketch Principle re-import duplicating artboards

Every so often a change in a Sketch artboard leads to re-imports creating duplicate artboards and the need to rewire lots of stuff if not rebuild animation timelines entirely —— is there any info on this?

Apologies for low details, in a crunch.

if you delete an artboard in sketch and then recreate it, it’ll have a new ID internally, so Principle will import it as a new artboard.

Ah, that’s what it smelled like but wasn’t sure — appreciate the confirmation. Apologies if I overlooked this in documentation.

Here’s the entirely expected request for a mechanism for managing that linkage but acknowledge the options around that smell gross…

Ultimately I’m most concerned about-hand off in a team environment where a Jr. might get tapped for changes, not know that some art-boards have a persistent linkage, and does the 'ole ‘duplicate & iterate’ unknowingly breaking linkage to Principle. :grimacing:

(That said, I also stubbed my toe on it accidentally ofc.)