Simulating responsive behavior

Principle Version: 5.10
macOS Version: 10.15.3
Sketch Version: 60.1

Looking for convincing ways to simulate responsive website prototypes in Principle. I’m mainly interested in sharing the experience of resizing (breaking points) from one to another browser width, for example from Desktop HD to Tablet to Mobile. Ideally the client would be able to experience what happens when they resize the browser window, meaning how it breaks/stacks when the browser window goes beyond or below a certain width.
The main challenges I’ve faced so far:

  1. I’m missing features similar to what Sketch offers, like resizing or pin-to-… and it doesn’t seem like Principle keeps these settings when imported from Sketch files
  2. I can’t seem to find ways to have different sized art boards within the same file

Maybe I just don’t see the obvious here, or maybe there’s a smart work-around?

Thank you!

I found a rather simplistic solution for the time being.
See this other post:

Curious to learn about other solutions…