Show click targets?

I haven’t found a way to toggle visible click targets, either in the preview or in the exported app for a prototype. (I do see the option to “highlight interactive areas,” but it doesn’t seem to do anything, so that’s not what I’m looking for.)

Ideally, there should be an in-app option to turn on all click targets in the active view, either across the board, or as a hint when the viewer holds down a modifier key. (Flash used to have something similar.) When running through a prototype, the user doesn’t always want to hunt for the active buttons, and annotations would only get in the way.

enable “highlight interactive areas” and then tap or click on a non-interactive area - the areas that are interactive will flash.

Using 5.8, that doesn’t (seem to) work. Tested in the Principle app itself, and in the exported app. Clicking outside the non-interactive area doesn’t seem to do anything.

Exported apps don’t have highlight interactive areas.

On the phone/ipad/mac editor app you have to enable it.

Gotcha. So then my original post becomes a request: There should be a way to toggle visible click targets in the exported app. I’m sure this would be useful to many.

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