Shared library symbol text becomes wrapped on import

Principle Version: Version 5.9 (5020)
macOS Version: 10.14.6 (18G103)
Sketch Version: Version 58 (84663)

Description of what you need help with:
After importing a Sketch file that containing shared library symbols:

  • The resultant Principal layers containing said text become wrapped text.
  • Also, shared library symbol text that is overridden within Sketch is not respected.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Import Sketch file containing shared library symbols.

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)
Left: Principal / Right: Sketch

I can confirm this as detaching symbols will result in an accurate render.

This is a known bug if I’m correct.

Another solution is to give a specific width to the text layer inside the symbol in Sketch so Principle can render it correctly.

Detaching also works because I think Sketch removes the auto size of the text layer when you do, giving it a specific width value.

Unfortunately when working with shared libraries especially those maintained by a 3rd party, this is a less than an ideal solution.

I completely agree, is juts a workaround but not an acceptable solution.

I found a non-destructive way to resolve the wrapping; just group the symbol and add the “principle flatten” title to it. Also, non-essential symbols can be ignored by just hiding the layer in Sketch.

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