'Share to Web' to open in Principle Mirror

I am so happy we have ‘share to web’ function now, with the link sharing so easy and fast, but the biggest bummer is that it exports in a web browser, which dilutes the experience with not 100% scale.

A proposed solution would be to open the prototypes in Principle Mirror if a person has it installed, where one can interact with the prototype 1:1 as the creator (going to the menu, saving the proto etc).

so glad to hear you’re liking it - was a lot of work to make that happen :slight_smile:

Let me make sure I understand you - you’re saying that on an iPhone, you wish that you could view shared-to-web links fullscreen?

I actually am planning on making the Principle for iOS open links if it’s installed, but until then, did you know you can save the web page to your home screen to view the prototype fullscreen? How to Add and Save a Website to the Home Screen on Your iPad

yes I do! of course before we had Share to Web export, I was sending the link of a edit file and people opened it through the Mirror App (with few additional steps). The problem however, is that my clients are very lazy people, they don’t want to have extra hassle, they want to click the link and test the prototype.

We are using ProtoPie in the company as well, and of one the reasons I am loosing a battle with Principle is that sharing protos on ProtoPie is super easy.

How is sharing in protopie easier than Principle? Just that shared links open in the iOS app?

exactly, a shared link leads straight to the Protopie app. in our Principle case, it opens in a browser, which adds clutter especially when we are making an app prototype.