Share to web prototype access and renewed account

I’m trying to:
View my prototype that I shared to web. The shared prototypes are versions of a file that has evolved over time but I need to have access to those shared version that I no longer have.

But I can’t because:
I get this message: “Couldn’t fetch document. The account that shared this document is needs to be renewed. Renewing will restore access to this shared document.” . I renewed but can’t enter the new serial number to the registration dialog (greyed out).
What’s the process to renew? I don’t want to lose the prototypes that are currently online.

This impacts:
My ability to share my work with client.

If you could please contact me directly with your license key and the email address you used to purchase, I’ll look into it.

Navigate to the bottom right of this page and click “Send a message to Daniel”: Principle - Support