Scroll-Position starts Audiotrack? - Is this possible?

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Principle Version: 5.12
macOS Version:10.15.5 Catalina
Description of what you need help with:

I am currently working on a project where I want to blend different Soundtracks within an artboard.
But I would like the second song to be not to be startedwhile the other one is still playing. Is there any way I can control this using the scroll position?
Unfortunately I only see the possibility to control the volume, but not whether a track should be started from a certain scroll position.

I have worked with this as well, including controlling Media Time with Drivers but that really only works with video. Even if there is audio in the video, the audio will be muted as the scroll position drives the playback between your set keyframes.

As you said, I had to rely on setting volume between keyframes to simulate a ‘start’ and ‘stop’ on the same artboard via scroll (yet unfortunately I’m painfully aware that a ‘resume’ is not ideal based on what you’re building).

On a related note, I made a component of two artboards, one without audio file, and one with, to start and stop sound with a single button (the component) but that requires interaction, as we needed for that one. Note that method was literally for starting and stopping. I did another component with two artboards each with the same audio file, with the first artboard setting the audio file to “Paused” and the second artboard to “Playing”, for a literal play and pause interaction.