Scroll Begins/ Release/Ends

-macOS Version: 13.3.1
-Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.31

  • What do you need help with? I read the documentation for EVENT: Scroll Begins/Release and Scroll Ends, however no matter what I try in Principle, I’m still not getting any good results. (maybe I am not clear how it’s actually used - transfer this to a functional UI project).

Could someone provide an explanation with steps /tips to make this technique work. AND OR provide a sample / simplified .prd file, please. Thank you!

Hi, it would help if you tell us a bit more in detail what are you trying to achieve.

If you provide a clear example or even a working .prd file it will be easier for people to provide an answer.

Give more details about what you have tried and why it has failed, what were you expecting to achieve, and maybe upload the prd file to dropbox and share a link here.

See sample Prd file on dropbox. I did a sample file of each method (begin/release/end) however, I don’t think I have it working properly. Any tips/corrections are greatly appreciated –Thanks!

You can see in the example you sent that the ScrollRelease trigger is not pointing to the right screen.

You want the Scroll Release to take users from screen 2 to screen 3, you have set the Scroll Release trigger from screen 2 to screen 1.

You were almost there, the first trigger Scroll Begins is correct, but then you created a conflict between Scroll End and Scroll Released making the screen to change to 2 different ones.

Solution was more simple than you thought.

You can see it working here, please note that being a mobile device, if you scroll using the trackpad on your laptop the scroll triggers might become unresponsive or act weird.

In order to properly test a mobile scroll interaction, click and drag in the prototype screen as you would do with a finger, don’t swipe up/down in the trackpad like you would scroll a web browser.

Scroll Begins-Released-Ends

Hope this helps!

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