Scaling to 0 pixelates the image

Principle Version: 5.12
macOS Version: 10.15.4
Sketch Version: 66.1

When you scale any layer to 0, in the animation to this state the resolution is already scaled down and therefore completely pixelated.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use any graphic
  2. On second screen, scale to 0


Try also reducing opacity to 0, maybe?

That didn’t work, unfortunately. I did find out though, that this happend only when it’s in a group and you scale the group. So I can workaround this, but I don’t understand the reason for this or if this is a bug.

It’s a bug. we’re working on it.

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Update 2022: Still working on it. This requires that we transition the Principle mac app off of core animation to our own rendering system, the one we use for share to web in the browser. Hoping to have it released this year.

@denbec this is fixed in Principle 6.20