Scaling a clip sublayer with the driver starts scaling from middle instead of left

I am using all the latest versions.

I am trying to make animation where my paragraph goes from 0px to 100% width. I want the animation to start from the left to the right and not from the middle.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. create a paragraph and group it and select the ‘clip sublayer’ for the group
  2. add two points in the driver. First one with the clip sublayer to 1px width and second to 100% width (whatever your width is)
  3. play it and see how it scale from the middle and not from the original left start point

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)

Mind sharing your working file? I think I know where your problem is but I’d like to be sure.

Principle scales from center, so if you want to scale on X or Y axis you need to scale at the same time you move on X or Y to keep the same position and give the sense that you are scaling from the side/top.

hey! Yea that’s exactly the issue… it scales from the middle when I want it to scale from the left… at least from the driver.
I ended up creating a component that starts on scrolling and it worked but I would love to know your trick for next time.
Here is a gif of the line and the text I wanted to scale, both within a clip sublayer group. It’s the last section of the gif video.

Thanks a lot!