Scale Y from base anchor point - (Moving anchor)

Have you searched the Docs and Knowledge base?
Principle Version: 5.12
macOS Version: High S.
Sketch Version:
I realize this topic has been discussed in the past, however I have read through moving Anchor point topics and no matter what I try…its just not producing the results I want. If you see my example: I want a ‘slider’ (drag) to control (a driver object) The slider would controls the ‘Y scale’ of the object from the bottom most point. Object would only scales in ‘Y’. Not X . I just can’t seem to get this to work correctly. I wish there was a separated X/Y scale option in Principle. Please correct my if I am off base.Thanks very much!

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Grouped obj
  2. Change Group bounding size (0,0)
  3. Move obj within group
  4. Issue: can’t get the object to scale from bottom in “Y”. Any Guidance please?

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)

Hey email me ur principle file, I’ll give it a go,

you need to key the height and the center y, because height scales from the middle. email me at the address above and I’ll send a sample file.