Save prototype to home screen

I’m not sure if this is possible, but can you save a prototype made with principle to the home screen of an iPhone for example? With it’s own app icon?

For example to use during a keynote event? I would like to make my prototype looks as real as possible. So I need the prototype to open when the app icon is tapped on the home screen.

Or maybe there is a way to change the principle mirror app icon?

Any help or tips are welcome!


Just add a “home screen” artboard to your prototype, make it look like you’re launching the app, but really you’re already in the prototype.

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Thx Daniel! I thought of that as well, but I was looking for a way so I don’t have to fake it ^^.
There are ways to change the app icons of apps, but I think this solution will have to do!

Thx for you reply!