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I want to start by saying that I appreciate all the hard work you put into fixing bugs in Principle. However, I wanted to share a suggestion with you that I think could be helpful. Would it be possible to add an option to roll back to previous versions of the software? This would allow me to produce more stable prototypes when I need to quickly sketch something to show to someone without worrying about bugs.

Currently, when there is a bug, it takes me a long time to find a workaround, and sometimes I have to wait for a fix before I can share my files with colleagues. This can be time-consuming and affect our motion team’s credibility. While we do have other tools available to us, Principle is my favorite and I would love to continue using it.

Thank you for considering my suggestion!

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At this point I’m agree with you, the latest software changes make my job very complex and older versions works much better. I’m Sorry but I don’t see any big changes on features nor implementations, (for now) only issues. I have an older version 6.19 (not updated) on my laptop that is super slick and fast, is just a bit slower than the new one on rendering video but is something that i can afford without struggle on workarounds. So would be nice to have the possibility to downgrade to previous versions for the sake of the job. At least 6.19. :v: Peace.

You can download the stable version of Principle from the website by clicking the download button.

That button isn’t updated to the latest version until issues have been worked out.

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