Resizing Artboard

Description of what you need help with:
Resizing artboards (transition from mobile screen to web screen)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Is it possible to create animation between a mobile screen directly to a web screen? When I attempt to resize an artboard, all of the other artboards resize as well. Is it possible to resize based on individual artboard and individual device size?

Principle’s artboard size represents a devices screen, which do not change size. You can either make it web-size, and make a mobile version that doesn’t fill the artboard, or you have have separate files for web and mobile, which I think makes the most sense.

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Thank you! I guess I’m trying to figure out how to “scroll” once I resize everything. When I attempt to add scroll, it only does it for an element (like an image) versus the entire artboard from Sketch

to make it all scrollable, group everything in the artboard, make the group the size of the artboard, then enable scrolling on the group.