Renaming items name after exporting issue

I have two mobile APP screens in figma with few same elements/components on boths screens (I’am using autolayout and all layers, groups and elements have the same names).

After exporting to Principle, elements that had the same names are renamed (whyyy?) on second APP screen (added numbers to each, Button 2, Button 3 etc.) and it’s a big issue when I’am trind to link both screen in principle by any transition, that renamed elements starting to jump when I preview. Then I need manually rename everything on 2nd screen till the moment, that every layer and elements will be named as on first sreen.

How to avoid of doing that?

Because Principle uses unique names between artboards to generate animations between layers, layer names must be unique within one artboard. I recommend naming the layers what you want in figma so that when you import the name-based mappings will already be correct.

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