Remove Elastic/bouncing Effect on scrolling

Hi all, is there a way to disable/remove the elastic/bouncing effect when you reach the bottom/top of a scrolling group? in a lot of cases, especially when mocking web projects, that scrolling effect is not applicable and I didn’t see a way to disable it.

Thanks a lot!

:rofl: I’m trying to get this to work more consistently. How do you get this to work everytime?

ahah. well every time I apply a scroll to a group I get that effect and it’s a bit annoying. have you figured out why you don’t get that effect every time? do you mind sharing a sample file so i can check?

Here you go.

humm. I can’t understand why you call this no bounce. this has the normal bouncing effect.

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NO WAY! That bounce scroll wasn’t working when I uploaded it. Now it seems to work!

I think this is a feature that comes with the Operative System, I doubt it can be removed. Maybe @Daniel can correct me if I’m wrong.