Receipt not showing up in License Manager


We renewed our license via the License Manager and only got a mail receipt, but not a invoice.
In the license manager the receipt also doesn’t show up in the “receipts” area on the left.
There’s one receipt there from when we originally bought the license back in 2018, but not the new one from the renewal!

How would I get to download a proper VAT invoice?

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Receipts appear on the account page for the email address that made the purchase, not the email address that the license currently belongs to.

Okay, found the receipt with the other email, but there it’s also just possible to show the receipt (that I also got via mail) and not an invoice that I would need. Looks like you switched payment providers, because for our old receipt it opened Gumroad where we could generate the invoice by filling out the data ourselves - looks like this is currently not the case for Stripe!

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