Random bugs... components and videos (after update)

In the last release 6.28 I found several bugs related to videos and components, they are totally random, and they don’t repeat themselves. For example if a component is moved in the timeline with a fade effect, is not seen, or a glitch is noticed during the transition. I fixed it by placing the component in a group and then fading the group itself, but this never happened in previous versions. Even the videos give me problems sometimes it happens that they don’t start at the requested moment and stay still at the first frame, but the behavior is totally random. I closed a job by restarting the computer, (not enough restart the software) in this case the problems often resolve themselves. I hope these issues will be fixed in the next version, I struggled to record the latest demo work. Thanks in advance!!!

p.s. I also found a general decrease in performance.

I’m on a MAC studio M1 ultra, Mac os Monterey 12.6

Thanks for reporting this. If you could send a sample .prd file that has the strange component behavior to support@principleformac.com, I can get to work fixing it.

I can also give you a previous version of principle without the issue.

Hi Daniel, I’m sorry but for policy reasons I can’t share the file, because it belongs to an important client of my agency, I’m not allowed. Meanwhile I can tell you that “it is” possible to work with the latest version of the software, only that these problems force you to find workarounds that can slow down the development of the prototype. Let’s wait for the next update hoping these problems are solved.

p.s. for now I’m fine, if the problems continue to occur I will ask you for the previous version without the issue.

I need to see the issue in order to fix it, and since you’re the only person reporting it, it likely wont get fixed until I can get a file from you. Could you delete all but the relevant parts and/or anonymize the file so that you can send it to me? It’s usually possible to delete all but a handful of problematic layers.

Would really like to get it fixed for you!

By the way, the next version will have major improvements on the performance-specific issues in files with video and lots of “clip sublayers” turned on.