Prototype link is displayed too small when viewed in mobile

Principle Version: 6.4
Description of what you need help with:

This is more of a “request” than a “help” issue, but since I don’t have authority to write on the request board, here goes…

First of all, HUGE thanks for providing support for web share! This is really great.
To explain my request, first a bit about the context that I use Principle at work.

Since I am in full WFH mode, I’m doing a lot of usability test remotely:

  1. I create prototypes in inVision
  2. Send the prototype link to the test user
  3. Zoom + share screen

The issue I’m having with doing the above via Principle, is that it doesn’t support full screen in mobile.
When opening the link in mobile, the prototype is fixed to the original proportion and shown as a tiny tiny screen on the user’s mobile. inVision somehow lets you open the prototype link in full screen (simulating actual use). Also the link changes dynamically as I change stuff in the prototype.

Would be awesome to see these issues resolved in the near future.
Thank you for this amazing tool!