Problems with Mac App export

Principle Version: 5.10
macOS Version: 10.14.2
Description of what you need help with:

Mac app’s don’t load after export. Previously once you export a Mac App - you could ‘open anyway’ by going to System preferences > Security, but that’s not available anymore… Perhaps a Mac OS security update / issue? Anyhow… now I can’t hand over click through prototypes to my UX/Dev team.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Export as Mac App
  2. Try to open Mac App
  3. Can’t ‘Open anyway’ in System preferences > Security

I’m using 10.15.2 macOS version and same Principle version and works fine for me.

That doesn’t really help my situation.

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Have you tried updating iOS to the latest version?

I’m having a problem with Exported files. The file was exported in 10.14.2 but I was unable to open in 10.15.3. I ended up picking the file out of the Contents/Resources package.