Principle file format

We are using principle for our ui animations and prototypes, we love it, thanks for the great app. There is one problem with our current workflow, there is no easy way to explain what is going on in the animation to the developer, so we have to use sketch to document animation values and durations for each specific transition. This duplicates the information, and updates on principle requires manual update on the explanatory document (this is error prone, easy to forget).

I would like to write an app to export these transitions as a design document, yet I couldn’t find any information on principle’s file format. Would you mind sharing the file format information so we can parse and extract the necessary information from principle files?

Today design ecosystem is too much partitioned, each app contains small parts of the overall system, yet this information is not open so whenever you want a small custom functionality you end up writing the whole application from scratch. In summary we don’t have neither the budget nor the time for writing a ui animation / prototyping application from scratch, but we could easily spare some time to extract the information we need from the principle file, even would love to share that small tool / application as an open source proejct.

I recommend just letting the developers view the document in Principle, the animation timeline already has the timing values.