Principle 5.6 Update Clears License

Just a heads up that it appears the latest Principle update (v5.6) seems to clear the license key. We’ve had several people in our office that we had to re-distribute the key to.

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Same problem here…

@chrisdressler @Moritz But it’s fine after they re-enter the key once? Or they have to re-enter it over and over? What version of macOS is this occurring on?

@Daniel It’s fine once they re-enter the key. This has happened on macOS 10.14 and 10.13 for us. It’s more of a pain when users are out of the office when this happens and we aren’t always available to get to them with the key to re-activate.

Ok, it may be the case that the license was over-provisioned from older machines and that is just the system sorting itself out. So after you re-enter the license shouldn’t be a problem again.

Also, You can just send them the key if they are remote. If they leave the company, you can revoke the license via the license manager.

This has happened to me twice now with multiple updates. Really annoying! IT at my company likes to own the keys so I have to submit a ticket each time this happens. When I update Sketch or Adobe products I don’t need to re-enter the key. Why is this happening?

@chrisdressler I found the issue causing the license key to get cleared. It would only happen when switching from a Principle version before 5.4 to one after 5.4. It’s been fixed in Principle 5.7.

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