Preview window issue on 6.29

Hi Daniel, just download the latest version 6.29, I immediately ran into a problem, the preview window if i make a component take a weird behavior.
Basically a black area appear around the screen and the records controls disappear and i need to open manually the window to get back the controls and the right size of the window.

you can download a video record from here (there is a way to upload it directly here?)

Thanks for reporting. Working on it now.

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Hi Daniel, sorry to tell you but the issue with preview on 6.29.1 is not fixed, is exactly the same of yesterday…

Yeah, 6.29.1 was released before I had even seen your post. 6.29.2 is now out and addresses this preview window bug.

Sorry for the recent bugs. We’re making major changes to the code in order to add new things. Thanks for reporting issues as they pop up.

Ah ok sorry Daniel i didn’t realize that…
Glad to be helpful with the new changes, also i love the software and i really can’t wait to see what’s boiling in the pot :slight_smile:

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