Possible to delete components?

My file has gotten pretty large and I wanted to make a new prototype that represents a different journey through the app. Since there are a ton of drivers and components already hooked up, ideally I could remove the unused components and artboards while keeping the working bits that I need. However, when I delete them – the components remain and the file size is not reduced despite being a much simpler prototype. I am unable to copy and paste the artboards I need to a new file. And even grouping the contents within the artboard and attempting to copy those over does not seem to work.

Any suggestions?

if the components are not used anywhere, they are removed after several open/closes of the file. If they aren’t disappearing, it may be because they are being used somewhere that you are not aware of. components do not take up much space in the file - but large photos/videos do.

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Is there a way to remove them manually, and not relying on several open/closes? I am having the same problem described, that components are not used anywhere on the file, and on top of that most of them are images/videos, not that large, but enough to make the file even not accessible sometimes — get a gray screen on Principle viewport, even tho the file is there (can drag things, see the preview, etc, but no see the elements, only gray).

The only way to do it is to manually open and close the file a few times. If they’re not going away, then they’re being used somewhere.