Pause progress bar

Hi all - I’ve been struggling now on a project for a client on how to make a progress bar pause on the press of a pause-button and continue when I press play again. I just can’t get my head around how to do this. Any ideas?

You could probably do something really complicated with a progress bar in a component with lots of artboards that have the bar at various stages of progress, but I doubt it’s worth it, especially considering how your client definitely knows how a pause/resume progress bar works.

Since you’re making a prototype, it only needs to appear to do what you want in order to communicate your design. You could make it so the bar animates halfway and then stops, so when you’re demoing it you can tap the pause button when the bar is halfway. Another tap could go to an artboard with the full bar.

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Thanks Daniel! So I see that the way animation works in Principle, this is not possible. Maybe a future feature to build in if enough people need it. But you’re right - the simple option of making it stop by itself is of course the answer. Often it’s tempting to build too much and try to make it more realistic than necessary. That would do the job :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick reply!