Page transition, maintaining scroll position without locking page scroll

Hi everyone,

I am trying to animate between page A and page B. They are long, vertical web pages, with an artboard that is much shorter than the content (so you have to scroll).

My goal is to scroll halfway down the page, click on a user image on page A, and have it go to page B - but while maintaining that scroll position halfway down the page.

By default, the page transition from page A to page B causes the preview to jump from where I clicked on page A (halfway done the page) all the way to the top of page B.

I found a fix: you can freeze the “scroll y” animation by clicking the snowflake. Then, the transition from page A to page B maintains the scroll position, as I wanted.

However, this introduces a new problem: the scroll position is now locked. If I wanted to now scroll up or down on page B, I cannot. But I would like to.

In short: How can I transition from page A to page B while maintaining the scroll position - but - without locking the ability to scroll once on page B?

I appreciate the help in advance

Select the group on page B and enable vertical scrolling


This worked! Thank you.