On import, different Figma frames import looking the same

I’m trying to import a design from Figma, and it’s been really difficult getting it right.
At first, frame content was imported with a significant offset. I managed to bypass that by removing Auto Layouts.
But I still have an issue i can’t seem to solve:
My design has several carousels, each with several cards. The cards have the same layout and size, but different content. Upon import, all the items in each carousel imported as the first item in each carousel.
(So if i had 5 items in the carousel, with different content, in principle I would get 5 items with different layer names, but same images and texts).
I have made sure the layers have different names.
I’ve tried adding “principle flatten” to each carousel item.
But still I get the same result.
Three carousels, each with the first item repeating multiple times.

Any idea what can cause this and how can i get this to import correctly?


Could you post link to a .fig file with this behavior? Once I have a figma file that imports incorrectly, I’ll get to work on a fix!

I can also work on the offset issue if you can make a little file with auto layout that imports incorrectly.

Unfortunately, the organization I work in won’t allow sharing files externally.
Is there any other information I can provide in order to help find a solution?

yes, you can create a Figma document specifically for reproducing this issue. The easiest way to do this is to duplicate your document that already has the issue and deleting all but the problematic layers. Then, you can further change the remaining few layers to make it not resemble the private file (text, images, colors, etc).

Just double check that it still has the issue after all the changes.

You’re the only person that has reported this issue, so it’s likely that I won’t be able to fix it until you are able to help me get my hands on a file with the problem.

OK, here’s a link

It reproduces for me, hope it does for you as well.

Wow that was fast! Thank you! I’m seeing the issue on my end. Working on a fix!

@ugobugo Two things:

  1. Could you post another file that demonstrates the auto layouts issue?
  2. As a workaround, you can remove “Principle flatten” from the layer names until I fix the duplicate card issue. Doing that makes the issue go away.

I’m not sure I can restore that again.
If you put the right column of cards in an auto-layout you’ll already see that images lose the rounded corners and their positioning changes within the frame.
Earlier i had several nested auto-layouts, and then the images and texts for each card were actually imported so they are above and to the left of the actual card.
If i’ll run into it again, i’ll create a file for that as well.
Thanks for working on a fix!

Ok, duplicate layers when importing from Figma is fixed in Principle 6.18!
That version also fixes an issue with rounded corner clipping - I suspect this bug is what initially prompted you to add “Principle flatten” to the layer names? Anyway, it’s fixed.

I can fix the auto layout issue if you can get me a example file.

First off, THANK YOU for working so quickly to solve this, i really appreciate it!
I managed to recreate the offset issue, I think it has something to do with multiple layers having the same names AND too many layers of nested auto-layouts.
You can download a file with the issue here

If you simply remove the top-level Auto-layout, it will solve the offset issue.
So I’m not sure if it’s a bug or more of a “best practice” advice on how to build the file.

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Thanks for this file. It looks like a bug with Figma - it gives Principle incorrect layer locations when auto layout is turned on. I’ve sent the details about the issue to Figma’s engineering team. They’re been pretty good about fixing stuff in the past, so I’m hopeful it won’t take them long to get to this.

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Thanks again.
In any case, removing the top auto-layout solved the issue for my current project.
With your last update, the import worked perfectly, thank you!

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I found a workaround and importing auto layout layers from Figma is fixed in Principle 6.19

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