Notarize .app? to make it work in other computers

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Principle Version: 5.12
macOS Version: Catalina
Sketch Version: 66.1
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Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Q: Is there a way to make the exported app “notarized” so it can be opened in other computers?
Have two issues:
After uploading a .app file to Google Drive, the downloaded does not work.
After compressing the .app as a .zip, The downloaded file works, but needs to use Ctrl-Open to make it work.


If you really knew what you were doing, and had an apple developer account, you could notarize the app yourself, but that’d be annoying.

Today I was actually working on improving this, hang tight.

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awesome, thanks!
I was checking the ArchiChect app for checking notarizing status, and
SD notary for the notarizing process.
but tbh don’t know what I was doing :slight_smile: