New update broke video export

Just got the latest release and one of the layer gets misaligned on video export. It is correct on preview window, and was correct on export before the release. How can I roll back the version for now?

Exporting at 100% looked fine. When exporting at 50%, simple full Artboard size rectangle created in Principle gets misaligned, and a vector shape imported from sketch loses some of point property and broke shape.

Make sure you’re using version 6.4. If you already are - could you send a .prd to that looks incorrect when exported to 50% video?

Also getting the same issue on 6.4
It worked fine once, and then the frame rate option disappeared completely, and everything exported got misaligned and cut off weirdly.

The frame rate option just disappeared no matter what.
But the misalignment / cut off issue is only reproducible when the export size is not at 100%.

@ravenyu @inyoungsea As soon as someone emails me a .prd with this problem I will fix it immediately.

Framerate option was removed to make way for some performance improvements we’re working on. frame rate is always 60 now since that’s the highest quality and matches the video options.

I’ve found the problem and the fix will go out in the next few days with Principle 6.5 - thanks for letting me know about this!

Principle 6.5 is now out and fixes this problem!

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