Navigation tabs not working

I’ve been working in this for a couple hours, and am really confused/frustrated. I’ve read all the documentation. Is this a bug? or just i’m architecting it wrong? I’m trying to do an extremely common UX pattern - a top nav. This should not be so nerve racking!!!

Here’s what I have, thoroughly documented:

I have all tabs as components. Inside the components are a default, hover, and selected states. The selected state should auto-trigger the parent to show that page. It only works on ONE parent artboard (te one that I originally double clicked on to get inside the component and set the ‘Auto back to parent’ from:

It needs to work across all artboards so my team can explore navigating the program.
image of inside the component:

Here’s a gif showing that the tabs are not resetting when I go back and forth between screens:

Principle Version:Version 5.10 (5021)
macOS Version:10.15.3
Sketch Version: n/a
Description of what you need help with: Top Nav Bar - components not triggering parent artboards correctly

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. add components to 5 artboards
  2. double click on one component, from one artboard to go inside it
  3. set the component to ‘auto’ to go to a different artboard
  4. on all other artboards, set that component’stab to default (

Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: