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Hi there,

I need help for the exported URL performance. Basically, the prototype we exported doesn’t display all the contents properly(missing or misplaced). With refresh sometimes it works, sometimes not, very unstable. And the file itself is around 52MB. And it’s quite urgent for a user test, would be nice if somebody can fix it.

The necessary informations are listed below and I also sent an email to Pinciple-support directly, Due to the NDA thing, I can only send the source file via private portal(i.e. email).

  1. macOS Version: 13.5 (22G74)

  2. Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.31 (6044)

  3. What do you need help with?
    parts are not displaying when opened via shared url, tested out with different devices. And same file exported under different url, each url missing different parts of the contents.

  4. Steps to reproduce the behavior:
    export > share version to web > create new version

  5. Link to your Principle .prd file, Figma .fig file, or Sketch file:
    We CANNOT fix bugs without a sample file
    For NDA’d files please delete all but the relevant layers and change things to avoid NDA issues.

You’ll have to send the .prd file to Daniel in order for him to take a look at this issue.

From my side, just maybe some questions in case any of them help:

  • Does it happen in the Principle app preview?
  • Does it happen in the iOS Principle app? (you can even open desktop prototypes in your phone)
  • Try different browsers
  • Try cleaning the cache of those browsers
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hi Shonen,

Thanks for the reply. i’ve already sent Daniel an email about this issue, and due to the NDA condition i’m still discussing with my colleagues about how to share the .prd sourcefile.

Regarding the questions you listed above:

  • it does not happen in the Pinciple app preview, everything works well in the preview via app
  • it happens in the iOS principle app (parts are missing or display in the wrong position)
  • i together with colleagues tried to open the URL under different browsers and under different browsers the missing/mis-displayed parts varied. (tried with chrome, safari, samsumg browser, also with different devices such as iphones, huawei, samsung)
  • tried that as well, still the missing parts problem remains

and under the latest version of our prototype, we removed some of the animations(built via img assets inside principle rather inserting as video format or component), the behaviour gets better - one constantly missing part appears now, yet still exist with unstable missing/mis-displayed parts.

Would be nice if this issue can get faster fixed, and i’m reachable here as well as via email: feng.ping@denkwerk.com (which is the fastest way).

Many thanks!

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