Mirror not working

I’m finding this issue where the mirrror app doesn’t mirror anymore, I can open prototypes if I send myself the .prd file but I’d like to work and see in real time using the mirror app.

  1. macOS Version: 10.15.7 Catalina

  2. Principle Version (check for updates first!): 6.33

  3. What do you need help with?

It seems like the phone app is not mirroring when plugging it with a cable.

  1. Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Connect phone using cable to laptop and open Principle app, mirror doens’t do anything.

  1. Link to your Principle .prd file, Figma .fig file, or Sketch file:
    We CANNOT fix bugs without a sample file
    For NDA’d files please delete all but the relevant layers and change things to avoid NDA issues.

Try restarting both your computer and your phone. Does that fix it?

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