Message Event Documentation Feedback

tl;dr: I don’t think the documentation of Message Events does enough justice to help explain what the feature is for or how to use it.

I’ve been trying to understand the use cases behind as well as gain a general understanding of the fundamentals of Message Events, but the documentation on site doesn’t really help too much (But maybe it’s just me.) I’ve tried messing with it myself a few times but I’m still having trouble grasping the way it works.

  1. This video/gif highlighting the way to use it ends pretty abruptly and shows the ability to control which artboard you’re navigating to (from my understanding)

  2. While text documentation is helpful, additional imagery or video would go a long way to explain the general use case and functionality.

I believe there’s a bidirectional communication that is required in order for this to work properly, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that, or what that means.

My initial thought based on the documentation was that this would allow me to maintain a state-based object (e.g. a button with a hover state) to control where you might be within another artboard.

I was assuming I could create a cancel button (component) to dismiss a modal (artboard) for example. But perhaps I’m totally misinterpreting what the use case is.


I agree with you, tried reading the documentation to understand how the messages between components work, but the explanation is not very clear and the video doesn’t show the actual use, more work would need to be done, but I believe Daniel is working on some new tutorial that I hope throw some light on this.

Your best chance is to try use them yourself and learn from it.


I also have a really hard time to understand the functionality of this feature, and agree with mark that the Documentation is not sufficient for me.

I think what would help me most would be a Demo File where different use-cases of the feature are applied to components.

Did anybody manage to build something useful with it that could help me understand it?

Thanks for your help!

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Has any one ever been able to get Message Events to work? I have tried off and on over the years but have yet to be successful. I would really like to learn this feature due to how powerful it can be, but I am unable to find any more information. Documentation and demo files are still lacking, even after all this time. Any new information or developments regarding Message Events?

I was able to finally get something working using Message Events after stumbling across this thread that provided a sample file to play with. Thanks @robayerst!


Hey y’all—just wanted to circle back with some hopefully helpful information on these. I got this working in both a rudimentary way—and a more complex way. Generally it’s not super clear and intuitive, but I’m not convinced it’s entirely my fault. Maybe it is and I don’t understand it well enough, but hopefully this Loom video walkthrough is helpful.

Oh I should probably include the ColorPicker Pro™ files as well. Here are those…